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    The Air Defence Radar Museum is a Registered Charity (No 1058887) and receives no financial support from the RAF. As well as revenue from Entrance Fees, the generosity of the Friends of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum goes a long way to meeting the day to day running costs of the Museum. However, the Friends bring much, much more to the Museum. Many of them have been involved with the Air Defence of Great Britain and our Forces abroad with several WW II veterans. In fact, all eras of Air Defence are currently represented within the Friends organisation and, as such, they provide an invaluable source of information and anecdotes spanning the decades. However, you do not have to have been involved in Air Defence to make a huge contribution. Many of the Friends are simply visitors who have been captured by the spirit of the Museum and the volunteers they have met and so you do not need to have even served in the RAF to become a Friend.

£18.00 a year

If you wish to remain in contact with the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum and greatly assist with the ongoing work of the Staff at the Museum, for only £18.00 a year (payable on 1st Oct if paid by cash/cheque, on anniversary of joining if by Direct Debit) you can become a Friend of the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum.

Benefits Currently Include:

  • Free access to the Museum on Open Days.
  • Two annual Newsletters featuring articles submitted by other Friends and information concerning the future plans for your Museum.
  • The opportunity to attend the annual “Friends Open Day”.

Join The Friends

Fund Raising

The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum is constantly fund raising. All subscriptions and donations go towards preserving and improving the Museum, the Exhibits, Documents, Photographs and improving the accessibility to all areas.

You can download a copy of our Friends Membership Form here.

We also operate HMRCs “Gift Aid” scheme and you can sign up for that on the Membership Form.

You can also pay by Direct Debit using the Direct Debit form. The means that you will always be in date. Please let the Office know if you would like to make an additional donation.

By Post

To join the friends, please send your Application Form and a cheque for £18, if paying that way, plus any other donation you would like to give, to:-

The Museum Manager
RAF Air Defence Radar Museum
Nr Horning
NR12 8YB

Cheques should be made payable to “RAF Air Defence Radar Museum”