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Thanks for the Donations

The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum wishes to thank the listed organisations following our success in winning several small grants.

These funds will help quite significantly with all of our many ongoing

preparations for re-opening in May 2021.


As a charity the Museum relies on donations. Gifts support the care, preservation, and display of the collection and make the inspirational work of our curator, volunteers, Trustees and staff possible.

All donations are allocated against specific projects (e.g. restoration, preservation of the collection etc.).

Donating Objects

Most of the museum’s collection is built up from people donating items to the museum. We’re very grateful for all offers of donation.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept everything which we’re offered. We have to use our space and resources wisely. If we already have an example of

an object we will not duplicate it and we can only collect items with a strong connection to our core theme.

If you would like to offer an item for donation email manager@radarmuseum.co.uk. Include as much information about the item as possible including how you acquired it. Include a photo and dimensions as this will help us to make our decision.

One of our curatorial team will get back to you but this may take some time while we check our existing collections and work through the large number of offers we respond to.

Please don’t bring your items into a museum without an appointment. We don’t want you to have a wasted journey.



Every year our outdoor exhibits require re-painting to ensure they are kept in tip-top condition so they are enjoyed by all.




Our bloodhound missile is most impressive in our grounds but requires regular maintenance.  Your donation will help us restore it during 2021 by covering the cost of specialist cleaning and safety equipment.

Bloodhound Missile Outisde Air Defence Radar Museum



We aim to commence the refurbishment of the Type14 radar unit, which has now been removed from truck body, this coming season – your donation will go towards items required.

Type 14 Truck outside Air Defence Radar Museum

Legacy and Charitable Giving

The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum survives because of the incredible support given to us by our volunteers, partners and visitors.

Would you like to help our museum to succeed and grow?

A gift in your Will is a simple yet powerful way of making a difference for the future.

Your gift, large or small, will help us continue our work to inspire future generations; to grow, conserve and display our extraordinary collection; and continue research about the Cold War and the vital part RAF Neatishead played in the defence of the United Kingdom in those challenging times.

How do I include a donation to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum in my Will?

If you are kindly considering including a donation in your Will, you may find the wording below helpful to use in your Will or a codicil (a document used to change a Will that has already been made). We would always recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure that any legacy meets your own personal circumstances and is accurate.

The RAF Air Defence Radar Museum is a charity (registered charity number 1058887) and as such, a legacy to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum would be exempt from inheritance tax.  Any amount, large or small, would make a valuable difference to our work and would be gratefully received.

Percentage Bequest

A Percentage bequest is a percentage share of your estate after other bequests and any expenses have been paid. Suggested wording:

I give ____ (all or a ___ % share) of my residuary estate to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, located at Nr RRH Neatishead, Horning, Norfolk, NR12 8YB (UK registered charity number 1058887) for its general charitable purposes and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer at the Museum shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executor/s.

Specific Bequest

A Specific Bequest is a specific amount of money. Suggested wording:

I give free of tax to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum, located at Nr RRH Neatishead, Horning, Norfolk, NR12 8YB (UK registered charity number 1058887) the sum of £_____ [sum in words] for its general purposes, and declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer at the Museum shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my Executor/s.

Your solicitor will be able to advise you further about these and other types of

A gift to the RAF Air Defence Radar Museum general charitable purposes ensures that any legacy we receive can be used where it is most needed and can go towards projects we may be working on in the future. If you would like to find out more about legacy giving, we would love to hear from you. Please contact the manager at manager@radarmuseum.co.uk